FMA celebrates Universal Children’s Day, invites everyone to protect children online


FMA celebrates Universal Children’s Day, invites everyone to protect children online

This Universal Children’s Day, the Foundation for Media Alternatives enjoins every one to build a safer digital world for our children. Children enjoys basic human rights as adults do, but they remain to be one of the most vulnerable groups in that they are powerless in upholding and defending their rights. The Internet, which currently has arbitrary protective measures in place, endangers children all the more.

As much as the Internet broadens learning opportunities for their young minds, it also exposes them to a host of risks. They are especially susceptible to cyberbullying, harmful and inappropriate content, sexual harassment, among others.

With the lack of stringent legislations and measures to protect children online, we put their physical and mental welfare on the line all the while creating a hostile online environment for them.

The FMA believes that the future rests on our children. But we cannot raise a generation of empowered and courageous children if we fail to protect them from online and offline threats at present. The onus to lay the groundwork for the incoming generation is on us, their parents, guardian, relatives, teachers, friends, technologists, legislators, and rights defenders, who must do our best to create a world where they can grow with hope and dignity.

The FMA invites everyone to come together in a mission to promote children’s best interests in the digital sphere. Let us provide them with a nurturing and loving online community that upholds their rights and welcomes their participation in steering our world to a brighter future.

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